How It Works

Once you come in to TheSmileLab, you are 30 minutes away from seeing your dream smile!

There are no trays with messy goo to use. A simple, relaxing, and cool experience.


Stop by one of our SmileLabs or call us to schedule your scan with one of our Smile Specialists.


Get a 3 minute 3D scan at one of our SmileLab locations or at any of our 16 orthodontics offices.


Pick up your aligners at any of our 16 orthodontic offices close to you.

Get checked every 11 weeks until your smile is transformed!

Orthodontics by orthodontists. The orthodontists at White, Greer & Maggard have created beautiful smiles for over 25 years.

Your access to them is exactly the same as if you made a traditional appointment.

Invisalign is an ideal alternative to traditional braces for ages 14 and up with mild to moderate orthodontic concern.

Your beautiful smile, the modern way!


No goo.
No mess.
No wires.
No eating restrictions.
Minimal checkups.

Clear removable braces.


The Smile Lab offers three flexible payment options:

$100/month for 48 months

$145/month for 24 months

Same as cash

Pay in full price only


Includes a 5% discount for one-time payment

Each payment option includes an aligner case and a clear nighttime retainer for after your smile is transformed.

Third party financing available, subject to credit approval.

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The Summit

107 Summit at Fritz Farm
Suite 110
Lexington, KY 40517