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Don’t have time to stop by The Smile Lab? We get it! Simply follow the instructions below to submit photos of your smile to our team of orthodontists for review, and we will be in touch!

Use a digital camera or photo to replicate the photos below, and ask a friend or family member to help you so you get the best angles!


Give us a big smile!  Make sure to keep a little bit of space between your top and bottom teeth.


Use your fingers to hold out your cheeks while you bite down with the back of your teeth.


Make sure you’re biting down on your back teeth all the way. Then use your finger to pull back your right cheek so we can see how your teeth are fitting together.


Same instructions as the Right Bite, but on the left side.



Tilt your head up and open your mouth wide. Try and get as many of your top teeth in the picture as possible (this one is easier if you have a friend to assist).


Tilt your chin down toward your chest and open your mouth wide. Try and get as many of your bottom teeth in the picture as possible by holding your cheeks out while a friend takes your picture.

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