The Smile Protect Plan

Retainer wear is a lifetime commitment once orthodontic treatment has been completed, ensuring the investment in your smile isn’t lost.

How the Smile Protect Plan Works

Whether you accidentally throw it away with your lunch, your dog eats it, or it just disappears, the majority of patients have to replace retainers multiple times, even within the first 5 years of completing treatment. Replacing these retainers can become costly, which is why we are offering our patients and the general public the opportunity to enroll in a lifetime retainer program.

Pay a one-time enrollment Fee of $750

Never pay the $300 customary replacement fee, no matter how many you have to replace!

Only pay the $44 office visit fee any time you need a retainer replacement

Contact us to invest in protecting your smile today, even if you didn’t have orthodontic treatment in one of our White, Greer & Maggard Orthodontics locations.

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Lost Your Retainer?

Need a new one? Our Smile Protect Plan has you covered. Drop by The Smile Lab to get a replacement!

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