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Choose Invisalign and join the more than 10 million smiles corrected by using the most advanced clear aligner technology in the world. Specifically shaped and fitted to your teeth, a series of custom trays are made from a simple 3D scan of your mouth taken in the comfort of our boutique-style store. When you begin treatment with Invisalign at The Smile Lab, you can smile with confidence knowing that your treatment is the most discrete option available! Enjoy the convenience of flossing and brushing as well as fewer follow-up appointments and more comfort.

Invisalign Touch Up

Only offered at a select number of practices world-wide, Invisalign Touch-Up is the perfect solution for those who have experienced minor movements after completing orthodontic treatment. With Invisalign Touch-Up, those minor movements can easily be corrected in a very short time frame. This extremely affordable Invisalign treatment can also be financed for up to one year.

Invisalign Touch Up: $1,495

  • Financing available
  • Insurance accepted

Invisalign First

One in every three kids can benefit from early orthodontic treatment. Early orthodontic treatment, otherwise known as Phase 1, proactively addresses developmental issues while your child is still transitioning from ‘baby teeth’ to permanent teeth. Although not every child needs early orthodontic treatment, The Smile Lab offers a free impressionless scan and smile assessment to determine the best course of treatment specific to your child’s needs.

Invisalign First: $2,550

Comprehensive Invisalign


Comprehensive Invisalign treatment is the most common form of treatment for teens and adults.  Like traditional braces treatment, it not only corrects the aesthetic appearance of your smile, but has the capability to adjust any bite issues as well. Typical treatment time is 12-24 months.

Comprehensive Invisalign Treatment: $4,850

  • Financing available
  • Insurance accepted

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